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Building a prestige home in Bayside Melbourne? 3 questions you need to ask your designer & builder

By christian / Sunday, 07 January 2018

Building a prestige home in Bayside Melbourne? 3 questions you need to ask your designer & builder

Bringing prestige to your dream build

Luxury isn’t automatic when it comes to a custom build. And, while you may have great ideas and expectations, bringing prestige to your custom build ultimately comes down to the value your designers and builders can bring to the project.

So, before you sign a team on the dotted line, here are three questions you should ask of any prospective design and build team.

Question 1: Does your custom home builder speak luxury?

You wouldn’t dare take your new A5 anywhere but an Audi service centre for a fine tune, and the same logic sings true with your prestige home ⎯ finding a reputable team that is an expert in its field is essential.

These experts should:

  • Be fully committed to customer service
  • Have a good relationship with the best suppliers
  • Have an eagle-eyed attention to detail
  • Offer peace of mind that your investment is in good hands.

A proven history speaks for itself, so review their folio, see finished projects and fittings in person (if you can), research the basics, and see what the industry experts have to say (e.g. HIA, Master Builders) when it comes to seeing if your preferred team is up to the job.

Question 2: Will your builder ensure your luxury home stands the test of time?

Test of time for your homeUnfortunately, luxury doesn’t always translate to longevity. And, to be genuinely prestigious, not only should the craftsmanship and materials of a house be aesthetically pleasing, but they should be of the utmost quality and stand alone in their timelessness.

Whether it be advising you on where to best allocate your budget or creating a look and feel that will not date, a builder that works with longevity in mind is invaluable, particularly with superannuation changes altering the way we invest in our home due to potential tax breaks.

Question 3: Do your designer and builder know Bayside Melbourne luxury?

With its sprawling sandy coastline, leafy parks and friendly communities, there is a good reason why the Bayside area is highly sort after real estate.

For a home as remarkable as the ground it’s built on, look for a build team that can leverage their local knowledge in order to maximise both the enjoyment and value of your home.

This might include specific designs that are enhanced by Bayside conditions and landscapes, or an in-depth understanding of what buyers want (when it comes to resale).

Melborune Bayside builderAlthough it may be preferable to go with a local option, you don’t want it to come at the expense of your build budget.

But having a Bayside builder that delivers at a competitive Melbourne price is not an unreasonable expectation.

To save on costs, look for a team that has an all-in-one design/ build service, ensure your contract is water-tight to avoid any potential blow-outs and be upfront with requests ⎯ the more lead time the team has, the less chance of delay.

It’s true when they say that with great risk comes great reward, but just remember all risk can be mitigated with the right plan, so happy researching!

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