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Case Study: Anne Drive, Dromana

By christian / Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Case Study: Anne Drive, Dromana


Anne Drive was a project for return clients who were able to acquire the land next to their previous build, with the aim of creating a 19sq home ready to be sold upon completion.

The challenge:

On a block with a 4m slope from right to left, our sales and design team would come up with a plan to make best use of the natural environment, ensuring the new owners would enjoy the best of the surrounding areas and views.

Of particular importance was to preserve the views from the original property, being on the higher end of the block, while maintaining privacy between the two properties.

The floorplan:

3anne 12 1024x683The floorplan features a generous-sized open-plan kitchen, family, and meals area, with four bedrooms, a study and alfresco all oriented to utilise the full potential of the land’s features.

Potential over-looking from the higher property was carefully considered, with the new property’s plan offering only one bedroom window and one bathroom window as visible from the original property, and no main living areas on view.


The front porch, alfresco and laundry landing are all decked with Merbau timber, which ties in beautifully with the timber stained door and timber cladding to front porch.

The claddings used complement each other and provide a point of difference with the horizontal lines of the Linea weatherboards and vertical lines of the axon cladding.

The dark brick of the garage is a great contrast to the lighter colours of the cladded areas and balance each other perfectly.

A minor hitch:

3anne 10 1024x683The intended cladding was challenged as potentially against a title covenant on the property to ensure no asbestos, fibre-cement product was used.

The axon cladding nominated is a fibre-cement product, however no asbestos has been used in these products since the 1980’s and completely banned since 2003.

We contacted the initial developer who advised the covenant was only put in place to avoid asbestos, therefore not in breach of any regulation, and could continue with the use of the axon cladding.

Although this was a time-consuming exercise, we were able to reach a favourable outcome for all involved.


We had a strict budget to work with to achieve beautiful, quality finishes, and worked together with our clients at each step to ensure the outcome exceeded expectations and generated a very positive sale upon completion.

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We were always welcomed on site – something we realise is not always easy to manage. Equally important was the response to our many queries and questions. They were accepted graciously, and dealt with.

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