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By Jay Casquejo / Monday, 19 October 2020

Hi Stacey

What a week to move!    Last week was sunny and no rain, this week we have record rainfalls.  Must be the heavens crying because we are at the end of our emails.

Thank you for the final documents.   I am also at a loss to see how this happened, but I must admit Ian are I are very happy with the final results, the colours and the look of the house.
We are looking forward to settling in and enjoying it.

We are very appreciative of the professionalism and service given to us firstly by David, then yourself and  all the office staff, your great site manager Peter, and the tradesmen.
You have a great team and it is a pleasure to be able to say we  have built with you once more.

Hopefully we will not be annoying you with any matters in the future, maybe I will invent one just to say hello.

Thank you once more.

With warmest regards,

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We were always welcomed on site – something we realise is not always easy to manage. Equally important was the response to our many queries and questions. They were accepted graciously, and dealt with.

John and Ruth McIntosh


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